Do Costco Cakes Need To Be Refrigerated?

Costco cakes are no doubt a yummy addition to your party menus, like anniversaries, prom nights, and birthday parties. Different cake and bakery items are available in the market but this option is cost effective and handy to get.

But here is a concern: how can we preserve this cake before or after the party?

Costco Cakes Need To Be Refrigerated? If it is allowed, at which temperature and for how long.

In this piece of content, you will get the brief answers to these questions.

Do Costco Cakes Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes, Costco cakes is safe to refrigerate for  short time this act can retain the flavor and freshness of cake. But keep one thing in mind refrigerating for a long time may disturb the look, taste, and freshness of the cake.

You can save cream or butter cake for a few weeks, but you need to use airtight containers. One thing is special about the Costco cupcakes. They are delivered in cardboard boxes with plastic bag packing; it will help to refrigerate the cake for a long time without compromising freshness and quality. 

How to store Costco cakes after buying

When you buy a Costco cake, the first thing you have in your mind is to store it properly for the preservation of freshness and appearance.

Here, you will learn how to store a Costco cake after getting it: 

Keep it in the box.

Costco delivers the cake in a cardboard box with a plastic lid that helps to protect the cake from flies, dust, and damage. Keep your cakes in the airtight container till the time of the cake-cutting activity. In this way, the cake will not be damaged even during transport. 

Also, ensure your cake is put on the flat box and fix the cake bag in the vehicle in a smooth place to avoid tilting and damage.

Put it in the refrigerator.

As cake is prepared with fresh ingredients, cheese, fruits, and whipped cream cannot maintain its look at room temperature for a long time. So refrigerate it for sometime for better taste and look.

Keep the cake in its original cardboard packaging, or if you are not satisfied, then put it in an airtight container to save it from melting and getting other smells.


Refrigerating cake for a long time has some negative effects, such as drying out the cake, spoiling the shape of the cake, and making it hard to cut. Above all, the flavor of cake will not be the same as fresh.

How to serve Costco cakes after refrigerating

Costco cake is available in different flavors like cheese, vanilla, cream, and many more. Refrigeration is compulsory to preserve the taste and look of the cake.


If you refrigerate your cake properly before serving, give it time to thaw. Thawing process can help to maintain the original look and moisture of the cake within no time.

Take it at room temperature. 

Once the cake is thawed, you can take it to room temperature. This will help to make the cake soft and maintain the absorbed flavor.

Remove the lid from the cake box.

Before serving, take out the lid from the box and allow your cake to breathe properly.

Cut into slices. 

You need to use a warm and sharp knife to cut the cake. This will protect your cake from sticking. In this way, you can enjoy clean-cut slices on your occasion.

Store Leftover properly

After finishing the party, you need to save leftovers in airtight jars and preserve them in the refrigerator. Try to eat Leftover within a few days for better taste.

FAQs about refrigerating Costco cakes

Can I freeze Costco cakes? 

Costco is available in large sizes. You can keep it in freezer for 2 or more than 2 weeks. If you want to do so, then wrap it with some plastic packing or aluminum foil and put it in airtight jars.

Always remember to label the cake at the time of refrigeration and mention the date and month on the cake. 

Can I decorate Costco cakes myself?

Yes, you can customize your cake on your own. You can put some edible cookies, candies, and fruits to make it more tasty and personalized.

How do I order Costco cakes? 

If you want to get Costco cake you need to contact on local store if you are not away visit this store physically. Here you will find different flavors and designs but if you want customized cake put your requirements before 24 hours and get tasty treat on your occasion.

Also you can order online by simple call or message.

Bottom Line

 Costco cakes are ready to eat with fresh cream cheese and decorated with different fruits. If you want to preserve cake for a long time with its original fresh look, you can refrigerate it. It will help you to retain the flavor and quality of the cake. It would help if you save the cake in an airtight box. Refrigerating for a long time can disturb the flavor of cake. If you want to get more help from the food experts mention your query and wait for the best answers.

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